about us

CM International LCC is a full-cycle company for developing a quality urban environment. We find unique solutions for any project: from programming local places to the development of key urban territories. The end user of our products is always people. We study how they will live in and interact with the city in 10, 20 and 30 years. For them we create the most ambitious projects, which form places with history.


Ekaterina Gavinskaya
Comes up with cultural initiatives, creative contests and pop-up projects that all the right people in the city will learn about
Victor Shichanin
Develops design solutions for public spaces and engineering systems. Knows how to express our values in the form of architectural models
Anton Kalgaev
Responsible for the meaning and relevance of the idea. Curator of sociocultural, publishing and exhibition projects, media artist
Victor Artemiev
Knows what indicators will ensure the payback of development and urban planning projects. Formulates the economics of projects
Kirill Zhukov
Forms a visual image places in company presentations and books. Master in Branding, Web and Graphic Design
Victoria Kasyanova
project manager
Manages projects and acts as a link between the client and the team. Involves the necessary specialists in the process and organizes their work
Maria Ponomareva
Executive Director
Manages the Citymakers team and optimizes all processes: makes sure that each company project is taken into account in the overall planning
Peter Kudryavtsev
Engaged in comprehensive city transformation, strategic partnerships and the international development of the company. Keeps us moving in the right direction
Alexey Chagin
Explores the urban context and formulates the initial idea of the place. Can come up with a concept of territory development based on objective data and observations