we research and create the human-scale city

our services:

idea of the place

Everything begins with research. In it we explain how a place is organised, who will use it and what restrictions exist on the territory, and we give examples of similar projects. We pack this information in a preliminary vision and devise a legend of place, which we consider and refine at each subsequent stage of creating the space.

program of the place

Now we understand how the space could work. The socio-cultural concept describes the totality of users of the territory and scenarios for their behaviour. The functional model defines the balance of the various areas, the functions of place and the connections between them, and the economic model calculates cost recoupment. Based on this data we formulate the project brief.

project of the place

We start work on the first sketches and work on site. We develop a project for improving public spaces and basic location branding. We select the best architects by competition. Before construction launches, we may organise a pop-up project to attract new audiences and attention to the space.

curate events

we also produce educational events. our main mission is to help projects and partners to attract the expertise of the best Russian and international specialists in the field

how to find us

129110, Moscow, Gilayrovskogo street, 57 bld. 4

how to find us

129110, Moscow, Gilayrovskogo street, 57 bld. 4